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We’re on a mission together!

Friends, go and check out these partners and sponsors that support my snowboarding career. I believe in these brands as they believe in me, therefore a BIG THANKS to you all

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The RIDE snowboards, boots and aluminum bindings I use on a daily base provides me that solid quality I need as a rider, and has NEVER LET ME DOWN! Strayed from its original goal of technical innovation, superior quality and “selling the dream”, well believe me they do! For RIDE, it’s not about being the biggest … it’s about being the best at what they do and truly becoming a great snowboard company “for the people.” Through the right passion and dedication RIDE has firmly established itself as a snowboard industry leader. Wanna know more about this company than go and check out there site at


This HIGH TECH QUALITY clothing label that I have been wearing already for years and years in all types of weather and environments fits my needs perfectly. It provides me all the necessary comfort even in extreme or fast changing weather conditions, with the best materials handled. Protest Clothing has a long reputation of providing innovative and fashionable outerwear from the same snowboad en surf culture it was founded upon. By choosing the label you will find out that all designs are made with YOU in their mind. Go and check out there site with authentic clothing at


Skidome logoSkidôme

I want to call Skidôme my snowhome in the Netherlands and THE PLACE where I can shred the indoor slopes on the best snow available in perfect weather conditions all 365 day of the year. For me this is the perfect place to work on and progress my snowboard skills in theirsnow park and practice new tricks first on their big air bag before trying out on the outdoor kickers. Without Skidôme my snowboard skills would never have developed so fast. If you want to snowboard with me, the best chance is to find me at Skidôme, go and check it out! Besides the park you can also take snowboard and ski (private) lessons at Skidôme from beginner to pro level, or take a ride on the unique ice kart track (Rucphen Skidôme).

Smith Optics logoSmith Optics

Riding the slopes, the fun park rails or slopestyle kickers in all its extreme and fast changing weather conditions is a real challenge when it comes to optics. I need PERFECT GOGGLES with perfect sight that can handle these conditions and Smith Optics with over 50 years of experience delivers. I wear googles all day, always having an extra set of lenses with me for the unexpected light changing situations. After a day on the slopes Smith Optics also delivers when it comes to good quality sunglasses. So go and check out their full range of optics web site at or click the Smith optics logo here.

           Nederlandse Ski Vereniging

Because with over 1 million Dutch people visiting the snow every year, the Netherlands is a wintersport nation! This association with its 40 years of experience and expertise and over 85.000 members knows exactly what’s going on in wintersports. It understands perfectly where wintersporters are in need of, and will put in all of its effort to make your travel trips most affordable, safe and above all FUN! The Dutch Ski Association offers a wide variety of products, information and unique travel insurance with the best coverage for those who want to ride the mountains to the max. For more detailed information check out their website at









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