BLOG – Hi all, here’s a blog for you about the YOG 2016 in Lillehammer. We already had some awesome experiences the first days, among being on the national news about the 13 Dutch Olympic youth sporters departing off to Norway. Our first day in Lillehammer we visited the Olpympic site, the town and took a look at the ice skating and ice hockey trainings. That evening at 19:00 h we joined all other youth olympic sporters in the olympic park for the opening ceremony, in short an unbelieveble experience! The more because earlier that day I was asked to be the official flag bearer of the Netherlands. The ceremony ended with an aesome firework show. In between the days until the slopestyle day we got the oppertunity to visit and support the other (Dutch) sporters in there sport in and around Lillehammer and trained on the slopestyle course. As far as I can tell you about the competition day, I can be short about that, it wasn’t my day by crashing two times. Disapointing!!! But all in all an unforgetable experience!

Erik Bastiaansen